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    Can the Wide View XLE be used while it is charging?
    The scenario is after using the glasses during the day, can I lay in bed, connect it to the TV, plug it in to recharge and watch TV.

    No one markets their glasses as “Marriage Savers”. I can lay in bed late at night and watch TV without waking her.

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    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Keith,

    Yes you can use them while they are being charged!

    There is no doubt we may have helped a few marriages here and there 🙂

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    Melvin Pridgn

    I have the itvgoggles XL and lost charger cord to goggles, I would like to know what type of charging connector it uses. its a very hard connector input to come up with. labeled USB (I tried micro usb, HDMI, lightning) please help…Thanks

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    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Melvin,

    You can also charge your XLE via the transfer cable!

    Feel free to email our support team ([email protected]) with your address and we should be able to send you a replacement cable!

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    I just lost my charger to my itvgoggles where could I buy another one?

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