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Dear Tracy,

The ITG-WideView is a standalone unit and was the first of the “WideView” series released about 5 years ago.

Here is a break down of capabilities for each WideView version:


– Released around 2010-2011,
– It is a 100% stand alone unit.
– It only plays off the digital video from flash memory.
– It does not support any external input.

iTG-WideView XL Edition or WideView XLE :

– Released in mid 2012,
– it has all the stand-alone features of iTG-WideVew plus software and support improvements.
– In addition it comes with an A/V input jack to use with other devices which support this output such as DVD players and most apple products at the time which use the 30 pin connector.
This is done by using a simple 30-pin to RCA adapter cable.
– One limitation is this works only in certain apps that support video output such as itunes.

WideView 3D :

– Released in 2014
– it is a 100% stand-alone 2D/3D unit
– supports much higher file spces such as HD resolution, SBS 3D videos, more codecs and etc… The display is also a much higher resolution than its predecessors.
= Does not have any external input option.

WideView 3Dxi :

– Released early 2015
– Geared solely towards connectivity with other devices.
– Same display screens as the WideView 3D
– Supports SBS 3D video feeds
– The main input is VGA, which is compatible with a much larger range of connection types including:
Lighting-to-VGA adapters (for newer iPhones/iPads)
30pin-to-VGA adapter (for older iphones and ipads)
HDMI – VGA adapters for HDMI input
Displayport-to-VGA for Most macs and some PCs
… and a variety of other connection adapters.
– Secondary input: RCA A/V
– They can mirror the whole screen regardless of what app you are using, even if you are using an older apple device that limited this for the tv-out option to itunes and some other apps.

WideView 3D+ :
– Released early 2015
– Stand-alone 2D-3D unit with a A/V input.
– This is a much improved version of WideView 3D, including a secondary option of RCA input for devices.

You can look at a list of all models here

Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have.