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      Ali Siddiqui

      In 3Dxi Model’s description its written 3D Support (Side by Side) and
      in 3D+ Model’s description its written True 3D Support (Side by Side)

      is there a difference between both model’s 3D experience ???
      P.S Please suggegst me a Model with the best out of screen 3D experience and can be connected with HDMI and my PS4, Thanks.

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Ali

      The 3D support on both models are the same: Side By Side 3D format

      The difference is how they are “fed” the video/signal.

      WideView 3D+ plays digital files, which can be loaded onto it’s internal memory or a Micro SD card. This allows for a wire-free operation, but not a “live” feed. It does come with a secondary input option via RCA.

      WideView 3Dxi get’s its video feed from an external source, such as a PC. The primary input is VGA and it comes with DVI-to-VGA and a HDMI-to-VGA adapter.

      Keep in mind since PS4 outputs a certain resolution and an encoded signal, compatibility with PS4 is not guaranteed with the supplied HDMI adapter.

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