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      Just need the information on how to order one through a hospital purchase order? Need a confidential quote if applicable as well as any shipping charges.

      Thank you!

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Theresa,

      Our sales team have received your request via email and will be following up with you shortly!

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      Yafet omer

      Hello! I was just wondering when my shipment is going to be arriving? Please if you could back to me I would a appreciate Thank you!

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Yofet,

      Please provide us with your order number (via email if you prefer to [email protected] )

      We would be glad to follow up on your order and provide you an update.

      You can also check the status of your order here.

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      Виды, характеристики и применение сварочной проволоки

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