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    Ed Corbeil

    Mhl to VGA adapter? Where do I get such a thing. And don’t know if possible to change the resolution of the mhl output.

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    Hi Ed,

    You can purchase one at the following link:

    MHL (Micro USB) Adapter for WideView 3Dxi iTVGoggles

    Or look up on amazon for similar adapter (making sure to read reviews before purchase)

    You wont need to change any settings (i.e. resolution) in this case.

    Keep in mind most of these adapters need to be powered, usually via a standard USB plug.

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    Ed Corbeil

    I already have that same adapter. Does not work properly with Galaxy S5 OR Galaxy Tab S with these glasses. Glasses continuously shows not supported. To my knowledge there is no way to change the resolution of the NHL out, unless I
    Missed something.

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    Hi Ed,

    Please send us an email at [email protected] with pictures of your setup. We will do our best to assist you in resolving this issue.

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    Ed Corbeil

    Thanks for the help. Ordered the adapter and working fine now. Colors look a little washed out though and get a bit of ghosting.

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    Glad to hear it was resolved.

    You should be able to improve the picture by adjusting the brightness/contrast of the screen.

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