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      Charles haddock

      I purchased the itg wide view for our dental office but so far I’m having little luck getting them to play anything other than the preloaded demos. I have the av cable to an av adapted roku box an iPad and iPhone. I get sound but no video. I downloaded a couple of videos at 480p into an avi format and I get file format error. I could use a little help please.

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Charles,

      For a smooth playback for your video files on the The WideView XLE, we recommend the following general specs:

      Resolution: around 430×240 (same as the display itself)
      Video Codec: MP4 or AVI
      Audio Codec: MP3

      You can convert any video file to these specs using widely available software, such as AnyVideoConverter (free version available for Widnows and Mac)

      There is also a neat trick you can use by uploading the videos to YouTube and downloading them back. Youtube does a great job in optimizing the videos. Let us know if you would like more information on how to do this.

      In regards to the A/V (RCA) input, you will need an adapter which will depend on what version of iPhone and iPad you are using. Apple has eliminated RCA output adapters for its more recent models.
      Best iTVGoggles to use with external devices such as these is the WideView 3Dxi.

      Keep in mind the WideView XLE is an entry level model. Therefore we would also recommend looking at the WideView 3D+ (best for playing digital files) and/or WideView 3Dxi which offers a better compatibility with external devices including newer iPhones and iPads.

      We do offer discounts for current clients in the medical field who are looking to upgrade.

      If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

      Best Regards
      iTVGoggles Support Team

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      Tracy Davidian

      I too am a dental professional having no luck connecting the glasses to my ipad or iPhone. I don’t even get sound. I read the last post and am wondering if these are just not ready for the market yet. I have the ITG-WideView. Maybe someone from customer support will get back with me????

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Dear Tracy,

      The ITG-WideView is a standalone unit and was the first of the “WideView” series released about 5 years ago.

      Here is a break down of capabilities for each WideView version:


      – Released around 2010-2011,
      – It is a 100% stand alone unit.
      – It only plays off the digital video from flash memory.
      – It does not support any external input.

      iTG-WideView XL Edition or WideView XLE :

      – Released in mid 2012,
      – it has all the stand-alone features of iTG-WideVew plus software and support improvements.
      – In addition it comes with an A/V input jack to use with other devices which support this output such as DVD players and most apple products at the time which use the 30 pin connector.
      This is done by using a simple 30-pin to RCA adapter cable.
      – One limitation is this works only in certain apps that support video output such as itunes.

      WideView 3D :

      – Released in 2014
      – it is a 100% stand-alone 2D/3D unit
      – supports much higher file spces such as HD resolution, SBS 3D videos, more codecs and etc… The display is also a much higher resolution than its predecessors.
      = Does not have any external input option.

      WideView 3Dxi :

      – Released early 2015
      – Geared solely towards connectivity with other devices.
      – Same display screens as the WideView 3D
      – Supports SBS 3D video feeds
      – The main input is VGA, which is compatible with a much larger range of connection types including:
      Lighting-to-VGA adapters (for newer iPhones/iPads)
      30pin-to-VGA adapter (for older iphones and ipads)
      HDMI – VGA adapters for HDMI input
      Displayport-to-VGA for Most macs and some PCs
      … and a variety of other connection adapters.
      – Secondary input: RCA A/V
      – They can mirror the whole screen regardless of what app you are using, even if you are using an older apple device that limited this for the tv-out option to itunes and some other apps.

      WideView 3D+ :
      – Released early 2015
      – Stand-alone 2D-3D unit with a A/V input.
      – This is a much improved version of WideView 3D, including a secondary option of RCA input for devices.

      You can look at a list of all models here

      Please feel free to ask any further questions you may have.

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      Charles Haddock

      hi again,
      So you guys were correct and with a new HDMI to RCA converter I have the RCA input working. Im not having much luck with playing downloaded files though. i got the AVC app but there are so many convert options. i have tried several but all i manage to get is audio at best. Maybe if you give me the desired output type and setting I could be done with this

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      Charles Haddock

      just to be a little more exact if i convert to Google Android MPEG4 at a resolution of 480 by 320 using an MPEG4 codec bitrate of 768 framerate of 25 and audio codec aac and a bitrate of 128 I get audio but no video. Ive tried many many setting under the various types of exports supported by the AVC software (Apple, Nokia, HTML5,Zen, iRiver, Xbox and zune to name a few) and so far audio is the best i can get.

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Charles,

      Can you please try enterting the specs manually:

      Resolution: around 430×240
      Video Codec: MP4 or AVI
      Audio Codec: MP3

      The other settings seem to be fine.

      Another way would be to upload the video to youtube, and downloading it back. Youtube has a great way of optimizing video files.

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        Would be nice if you told us which program you used Charles or how you did it
        I have converted down to 320×240 and just get File Format Error on everytihng I do
        To be honest I sorted out an Occulus Rift lately not problem but this is a heap of * with little instructions or help from makers. Its going back as not fit for purpose

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      Charles haddock

      Hey guys I got the files working but not with that anyvideoconverter you recommended. I bet they screwed it up with updates since you got your version. Anyway just wanted to let you know and to thank you for your help.

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Charles,

      Thank you for the update, and we are glad you solved this issue.

      Please feel free to share your solution with us on here, and the steps you took that worked best for you.

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      After reading these forums, am I correct by assuming the Wide View XLE model cannot stream Netflix or YouTube to the goggles from an IPod or IPhone?

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Timpteo,

      The WideView XLE is primarily a stand-alone unit, with an optiona RCA input which is not compatible with most iphones etc…

      The new FPView 3D can connect to your iphone/iPad (using lightning adapter) to watch netflix, or whatever else you can play on your phone.

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      Beth St

      also a dental office- just purchased the ITG-Wide View XL Edition. was able to get audio through you tube but no image came on screen. also tried with dvd player- same thing. Only images i can get to come up are the demo ones. I didn’t see a place to change resolution in settings? Thanks

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      Beth St

      also can i use other headphones with these? are the ones that came with it detachable?

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Beth,

      Would you happen to know the specifications of your video files?

      In regards to earphones, this model uses attached buds. You can however use your own earphones if you are using a DVD player by connecting them to your DVD player, and only feeding the video to the goggles.

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      Calvin Mills

      Ione ITG-WideView XL Edition. The battery is dead how do I change the battery. How do I get a new battery rechargeable.. the battery that’s in my device will not take a charge a charge.
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