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  • in reply to: Items included when buying the FPView 3D goggles #3261
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Arthur,

    The FPView 3D comes with the following items:

    Interchangeable Headband / Handles
    Light Shield
    Deluxe Carrying case
    Cleaning Cloth
    Stereo Earbuds
    Male-To-Male HDMI Adapter
    Mini/Micro HDMI Adapter
    USB Wall Charger

    in reply to: iTVGoggles use for Phantom 2 Vision FPV #3227
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Roger,

    You would just need the proper adapter for the device you are using the DJI app on

    What are you using? and which model of iTVGoggles do you have?

    in reply to: Not having much luck #3220
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Beth,

    Would you happen to know the specifications of your video files?

    In regards to earphones, this model uses attached buds. You can however use your own earphones if you are using a DVD player by connecting them to your DVD player, and only feeding the video to the goggles.

    in reply to: Ear buds #3215
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Olav,

    They are “in-ear” earphones. They can be sanitized using different methods between patients using low-moisture sanitizing wipes, UV sanitation, or any other none-invasive method.

    Some of our out-patient clinic clients also use disposable earbud covers.

    in reply to: Wi-Fi configuration #3191
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Stuart,

    The WideView XLE is wire-free in the sense that it is self contained and plays digital videos from memory or memory card. It does not use WiFi

    in reply to: which product will work with xbox one #2896
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Stephen,

    The FPView 3D should work with Xbox One, as long as the content or signal isn’t HDCP encrypted.

    in reply to: Earbuds #2819
    iTVGoggles Staff

    On the FPView 3D, the earbuds are detachable. Other models are not.

    in reply to: Not having much luck #2763
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Timpteo,

    The WideView XLE is primarily a stand-alone unit, with an optiona RCA input which is not compatible with most iphones etc…

    The new FPView 3D can connect to your iphone/iPad (using lightning adapter) to watch netflix, or whatever else you can play on your phone.

    in reply to: Xbox One & PS4 #2668
    iTVGoggles Staff

    HI Adrian,

    What model are you getting?

    in reply to: XLE Manual #2527
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Scott,

    The WideView XLE does have an RCA input option, in addition to it’s built-in memory, Micro SD card slot and it’s own built-in media player.

    The input is the standard RCA, (Red/white/yellow) plugs. It also supports 3.5mm A/V jack (used by devices such as portable DVD players etc)

    If your main purpose is to use the goggles as a display device for another device, the WideView 3Dxi may be another good model to look at.

    in reply to: Hospital Purchases #2365
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Yofet,

    Please provide us with your order number (via email if you prefer to [email protected] )

    We would be glad to follow up on your order and provide you an update.

    You can also check the status of your order here.

    in reply to: 3D support #2362
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Ali

    The 3D support on both models are the same: Side By Side 3D format

    The difference is how they are “fed” the video/signal.

    WideView 3D+ plays digital files, which can be loaded onto it’s internal memory or a Micro SD card. This allows for a wire-free operation, but not a “live” feed. It does come with a secondary input option via RCA.

    WideView 3Dxi get’s its video feed from an external source, such as a PC. The primary input is VGA and it comes with DVI-to-VGA and a HDMI-to-VGA adapter.

    Keep in mind since PS4 outputs a certain resolution and an encoded signal, compatibility with PS4 is not guaranteed with the supplied HDMI adapter.

    in reply to: hdmi connection #2343
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Phil,

    You would need a Lightning to VGA Adapter.

    We do not have them in stock at the moment, but you should be able to find one online pretty easily.

    in reply to: No input #2330
    iTVGoggles Staff

    1024×768 seems to be the most common resolution supported.

    In regards to the unstable picture, it is more than likely the adapter connection.

    Make sure you are not using more than ONE adapter, and if it needs to be powered to provide power to it.

    That being said, exactly what adapter(s) are you using? if you can email us a picture of your setup it could help pinpoint what the exact culprit is.

    in reply to: No input #2328
    iTVGoggles Staff

    Hi Xavier,

    We’de be glad to assist you in resolving this issue.

    Can you please provide us with more information regarding your PC,

    make/model, OS
    connection you are using (native VGA or are you using DVI or HDMI adapter etc…)
    Video card specs or model
    Resolutions you have tried.

    It also goes without saying to double check the connections to make sure they are not loose.

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