Introducing FPView 3Dxi PRO

Available December 2021


By directly working with your visual and auditory scenes, iTVGoggles  virtually transform your surroundings into a fully equipped, 100% private entertainment system.  We achieve this by incorporating 2 High Resolution, independent micro Displays (one per eye). along with Hi-fi Stereo sound.   They can connect almost all medical devices with display/tv/video output.

By engaging the patients’ audio and visual senses during many out-patient medical procedures, “iTVGoggles”  has proven to ease patients’ anxiety and vastly improve their time and experience during and even after the procedure.



Proven by independent trials and studies

 iTVGoggles Medical Video Goggles, have already proven to be a significant asset for most out-patient procedures. 
Already used by Mayo Clinics in the United States, the Royal Bournemouth Hospital by NHS has also successfully tested iTVGoggles during a weeks-long trial,  First to do so in the UK.


iTVGoggles are used by industry professionals and hobbyists alike

Medical Professionals

+ Cancer Treatment Facilities + Neurosurgeons + Neurologists + Dentists + Scientists + Out-Patient Clinics + Psychologists + Psychotherapists + Chiropractors + Emergency Response Teams

.. and more

General Public:

+ Drone Oporators + Travelers
+ Gamers + Students
+ Soldiers + Hobbyists


+ Tourism + Film Studios + Creative Labs + Airlines + Advertising + Real Estate + Tourism + Corporations + Theme Parks + Museums + Tattoo Artists

0f9b02eSydney is a city that needs to be experienced. The iTVGoggles we used allowed us to virtually transport people from the trade-show floor to our city, immersing them in the largest festival of music, light and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Lyn Lewis-Smith

CEO, Business Events Sydney (BESydney)