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iTVGoggles are super light-weight, low-profile, and robust video goggles which offer a completely immersive experience. Many in the medical field use iTVGoggles to entertain, distract, as well as tremendously increase the comfort level of their patients during many medical procedures.  They are also used to assist in process of radiotherapy and respiratory gating among other applications.  

 iTVGoggles will transform the patient’s  surroundings into a virtual 2D/3D movie theater with a jumbo screen and hi-fi stereo sound. The patient can either watch a movie or your own pre-programmed or streamed video/audio feed.


• Cancer Treatment Facilities • Neurosurgeons • Neurologists • Dental Clinics • Psychologists • Psychotherapists • Emergency Response Teams • Laser Clinics • Optometrists, and more…

Case study – Cancer Partners UK

We use iTVGoggles in connection with a respiration monitoring system.

The system displays the patients breathing pattern in a sinusoidal line and this line is shown to the patient on the treatment couch inside the room via video signal to the iTVGoggles.

The patient can control this breathing line and when we are about to turn the Radiation beam on to deliver their Radiotherapy we ask the patient to breathe in and hold their breath for a short period of time. This increases the size of the Lungs, moves the heart down and therefore reduces the Radiotherapy dose to these organs during the treatment for Breast Cancer.

The iTVGoggles allow the patient to visualise their own breathing pattern so that when they are asked to hold their breathe they know how much to breathe in and how to long to hold for

Paul Laycock

Lead Radiotherapy Physicist, CANCER PARTNERS UK / GENESISCARE UK

Case study – Rochester Medical Center


Video Glasses Cut Patient Anxiety in IR ProceduresiTVGoggles Cut Patient Anxiety in IR Procedures

Results: A total of 86 patients successfully completed the study.

Patients using video glasses (iTVGoggles) had significantly reduced levels of anxiety compared to the control group (17.1% vs. 8.3%; p=0.0424).

Patients using the video glasses also had significantly reduced mean arterial pressures compared to the control group (p=0.0128). There was not a significant difference in the amount of sedation and analgesia, nor a significant change in heart rate, respiratory rate, pain score or procedure time, between the intervention group and the control group. None of the patients experienced any adverse events related to use of video glasses.

Post-procedure surveys filled out by the patients in the majority of cases showed that the video glasses were not distracting and did not interfere or pose a safety issue during the procedure. Overall, most patients stated they enjoyed the video content and use of video glasses and would use the video glasses again for a future procedure.


‘”iTVGoggles Video glasses can be safely used during many interventional radiologic procedures without disturbing the work of physicians and nurses. These glasses can be used to reduce patient anxiety and improve the overall experience that patients have while undergoing these procedures.

Paul LaTour - RSNA News staff writer, Rochester Medical Center

Demonstration of a real-time position (RPM) set up with the marker box (block) positioned on the xiphoid process. Visual feedback is provided using modified video goggles. Photo courtesy of Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre.

Review of deep inspiration breath-hold techniques for the treatment of breast cancer

Variation existed regarding real-time feedback available to the patient. A study by Cervino et al.compared stability and reproducibility of a vDIBH technique utilizing 3D surface imaging.


The study found visual feedback given to the patient increased the reproducibility of the DIBH maneuver from 2.1 mm without feedback to 0.5 mm with visual feedback.


The study involved patients wearing video goggles connected to the computer system to provide this feedback in the least obstructive way possible


Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences

National Center for Biotechnology Information

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