WideView 3D+

All-in-one, wire-free

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A Complete 2D & 3D Entertainment System in Your Pocket

Get ready to experience the latest technology in the world of video glasses, video goggles and head mounted displays.
WideView 3D iTVGoggles Instantly transform your surroundings into a complete, high resolution, private 3D movie theater — anytime and anywhere!

Preloaded with support for the most popular multimedia file formats, allowing you to watch 2D or 3D movies and videos. You can even listen to your favorite music while browsing through pictures or reading your ebooks in TXT format. All this on a jumbo, high-resolution private virtual display.

Switch to 3D mode by press of a button and behold the glory of a true 3D experience. Even most regular 2D movies can be converted into side-by-side 3D format using widely available conversion software. Enjoy them all, even if you are stuck in traffic, on a bus, a long flight, your dorm room, at the dentist’s office or anywhere else!

iTvGoggles 3D Video Glasses

Virtual Display (Wide-Screen)

Full HD Video Files

True 3D

Super light (under 100 grams)

40GB Combined Storage

Micro SD Slot

Li-Po Built-in Battery

3-4 hours play time

A/V Input


what does it offer?
  • 92” Virtual Screen Display (at aprox. 10’ virtual distance)
  • 16:9 Wide-Screen
  • 3D support for Side-by-Side 3D movies & videos
  • 1080p HD video file support
  • High resolution display – 854×480
  • Radiation-Free LCD panels
  • Up to 40GB combined storage : 8GB built-in, + MicroSD
  • Micro SD (TF) Expansion slot, up to 32GB/card
  • 3-4 Hours Play-time on a full charge
  • Weighs under 100g (3.5oz)
  • 100% Self-Contained; No extra wires or devices
  • A/V input for use as a display with other devices

Load Your Files, And Go!

WideView 3D+ iTVGoggles support most popular multimedia formats such as AVI , MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, up to 1080p-HD  resolution.

Transferring your digital movies and videos is as simple as drag and drop!

Load it with your files using high speed USB 2.0 connection to a PC, Mac, or even other devices via Micro SD cards.

The WideView 3D+ comes with 8GB built-in storage, and Micro SD expansion slot for a combined storage capacity of up to 40GB at a time.

Movies, videos, pictures, music and text ebooks can be obtained by downloading them from the web, converted from DVDs, smart phones or camcorders, and many other sources

3D Experience

True 3D mode for a real 3D Experience

Not just a portable, private movie theater, WideView 3D+ is a “hold onto your hats” 3D cinema, with a jumbo sized virtual screen and hifi stereo sound.

Side-by-Side 3D format displays a split screen of two different camera angels on each frame, each meant to be displayed to a corresponding eye.

WideView 3D+ beautifully implements this concept.

Each eye gets its own dedicated LCD display which provides the ideal 3D effect while watching 3D content.

Side-bySi-de 3D format is one of the fastest growing and most popular 3D techniques in the new age of 3D content. Most regular 2D videos and movies can even be converted to this 3D format using widely available 2D-to-3D conversion software.

Innovative Design


WideView 3D+ has the right look to match the incredible entertainment power it packs inside. But all this doesn’t mean we compromised on comfort.

Weighing under 100g (3.5oz), it offers a solid-built shell, and flexible parts and hinges to comfortably fit almost any head size. It operates 100% on it’s own, free of wires or need for any extra devices.

Only 3 buttons on each side make WideView 3D Video Glasses super-easy to use, and makes navigating through the on-screen interface “second nature” to the senses.




up to 1920×1080  1080P

3D format:

Video Formats:


Music Formats:





.TXT format

avCAbleRCA External Input

Some compatible devices include:

DVD Players
Portable TV Tuners
iPhones, iPads
Other portable media players with A/V output
Most game consoles
UAV/Drone Camera

and many more…

* – Some devices may require additional adapter(s)

Tech Specs


854 x 480 (WVGA)


Radiation-Free LCD

Virtual Size:
Approx. 92” at 10’ away

Aspect Ratio:
16:9 Wide screen



HiFi Stereo

Built-in ear-buds


Lithium Polymer

Up to 4 Hrs
Play Time

3.7V (700mAh)

Charge via USB or wall adapter

Exact battery life may vary base on the file resolution and specs.


8GB built-in storage

Micro SD slot up to 32GB/ card

Original price was: $699.99.Current price is: $599.90.Add to cart