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WideView 3Dxi is here

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Choosing the right video glasses:

Asking yourself some of the following questions can guide you to choose the ITVGoggles video glasses that fit your needs the best:

  • Do you need to connect your video glasses to use as a display device for your computer, gaming consol, smartphone, tablet or etc? WideView 3Dxi offers VGA, DVI, HDMI and other optional connections, while sporting a 92″ high resolution virtual screen and amazing 3D capabilities for 3D content.
  • Do you want all the entertainment, but none of the wires? WideView 3D video glasses can play your digital videos from its internal 8GB of memory, or your MicroSD memory card. It is also equipped with 92″ high resolution virtual screen, 3D mode, and ultimate portability.
  • Will you be using them while watching DVDs, 3D DVDs, or other content from any media device using standard A/V RCA connection (the white, red and yellow plugs)?
    .. Then checkout the ITG-HQ3D iTVGoggles video glasses
  • Do you want to break free from the wires, and have your movies and content in digital format yet still have the option to connect and use it as a TV for your DVD player, iPhone, PS3 etc…  then WideView XL Edition iTVGoggles have got you covered. With 2GBs memory built in, and a Micro SD slot, built in multimedia player, as well as A/V input jack, you get the best of both worlds.