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      I have set up the 3Dxi goggles according to to instructions but, no matter which device I connect to, I get the same message on the screen – NO INPUT. I have emailed the support team twice but they have failed to respond. has anyone get any suggestions? Do I need to change a setting on the iPhone/iPad?

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Johnny,

      We have responded to your email regarding this issue, and will try to assist you in solving it.

      In general, iPhones and iPads should not require any additional adjustment in settings as long as the appropriate adapter is being used.

      If you have any further questions or have resolved the issue please feel free to reply and post an update.

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      xavier rivera

      I have just received my new wide view 3Dxi goggle and I am trying to connect them to my pc but it says no input and a few mins after the pc desktop pops up on the goggles and then disappears and says again no input

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      Hi Xavier,

      We’de be glad to assist you in resolving this issue.

      Can you please provide us with more information regarding your PC,

      make/model, OS
      connection you are using (native VGA or are you using DVI or HDMI adapter etc…)
      Video card specs or model
      Resolutions you have tried.

      It also goes without saying to double check the connections to make sure they are not loose.

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      xavier rivera

      I have a Lenovo yoga 2 11″ running windows 10 with a micro hdmi output. the video card model is Intel Baytrail M. I have used every screen resolution but I noticed that when the screen pops up on the goggles it flashes the screen resolution in the upper left corner and its always the same 60hz 1024 by 768. as for loose cable everything is connected solidly.

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      iTVGoggles Staff

      1024×768 seems to be the most common resolution supported.

      In regards to the unstable picture, it is more than likely the adapter connection.

      Make sure you are not using more than ONE adapter, and if it needs to be powered to provide power to it.

      That being said, exactly what adapter(s) are you using? if you can email us a picture of your setup it could help pinpoint what the exact culprit is.

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      I’m experiencing the same issue when trying to use the supplied VGA-to-HDMI converter. It works great if the VGA is connected directly to my laptop, however in trying to use the HDMI I have a blue screen with “Not Support” and “No Input” flickering back and forth. Can you explain why it won’t work?

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      steve caustrita

      how do i connect the ITG-PCX30 to a MacBook pro mid 2012 13′ using usb?

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