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    John Cerny

    I’ve been VERY interested in the 3dxi glasses because I have the Phantom 2 Vision, and these glasses are suppose to work very well with the drone. I’m also using the Samsung S4 phone with the Samsung HDMI adapter. My question is, will the unreleased new model glasses support the Phantom 2 Vision as good as the 3dxi model? I’m just interested in using them for the Phantom. Can you give me any more info on these upcoming glasses?

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    Hi John,

    The upcoming model (FPView 3D) will support native HDMI input, and will come with some adapters such as MLH, Mini and Micro HDMI, as well as Male-to-Male HDMI adapter.

    We have not yet had the chance to test the unit with a Galaxy S4, but it should be a well suited option.

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    John Cerny

    Thanks so much for the reply. Another question, do the FPView glasses have a card slot to record video from the Phanton 2 Vision ?

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    HI John,

    The FPView 3D is only a display device. The video feed from the drone should be saved via your drone’s own recording system or your phone/tablet’s app.

    For example Phantom 2 Vision’s camera has a Micro SD card for recording video, and you use the DJI APP to get the live feed, as well as record footage and snap pictures.

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    John Cerny

    Thanks again for your reply. I pre-ordered the FPView goggles 11-20-15. I paid $599.90 . I see now the price dropped $50.00 . Yesterday I e-mailed sales with no reply yet, and just today I e-mailed service. I’m asking if they could credit my account the price difference, or should I cancel the order and just re-order at the lower price. The order number is #2646. Can you help resolve this before you ship the goggles?
    Thanks again

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    Hi John,

    We would be glad to match the new sale price for your recent order.

    It will be applied to your PayPal payment promptly.

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    John Cerny

    Thanks guys ! I got it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!!!!

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